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  • Data Centre Conference 2014 at Meridian Hotel, KL Central

    Invitation of prominent Data Centre Experts to discuss and debate topics regarding of the DC Industry

    Huawei & DCD Data Centre Live Container Workshop 2014 in CJ1 Centre, Cyberjaya

    Joint event with Huawei to introduce and promote the new Huawei Modular Container Data Centre System



    DCD Data Centre Activities and Training in 2012 Date Location
    Emerson UPS Engineer Training 14-18 Jan Shenzhen
    Tricor GST Conference 22 Jan Sime Darby, KL
    EPI Certified Engineer Training 17 Feb Singapore
    FY2014 Asia Channel Summit (Emerson) 27 Feb - 01 Mar Bali
    GEA-Denko Factory Visit 18-21 Mar Nanjing
    DC Visit -Osaka 5DC, Kinrakuji DC, KRP DC,  TK4 DC, (Monzen-nakamachi), TK5 DC (Yushima), Fuji Electric (Kawasaki Perfecture),  TK6 DC(Tabata), Akhibahara UDX DC(Jaya 33),  Saitama DC (Operation Center), Toudo, Plala.. 21-30 Mar Osaka, Kyoto, Mt. Fuji
    CIDB Construction Site Management 26-27 Mar Johor Bharu
    Huawei Msia ICT Road Show 2014 02-04 Apr Sime Darby, KL
    Data Centre Conference 2014 24 Apr KL Central, KL
    Advance Word & Excel 2010 28-29 Apr Subang
    Uptime Institute. Conference 17-27 May Santa Clara
    Panduit Asean Meeting 18-24 May Taipei
    Impactful StandOuts 18 Jun CJ1 Centre, Cyberjaya
    Huawei Cloud China Mobile Data Centre and Factory Visit 14-17 Sep Shanghai/Shenzhen
    MS Office 2010 Intermediate 27-28 Oct CJ1 Centre, Cyberjaya
    Effective Management & Leadership Skill 27-28 Oct Petaling Jaya
    Business Trip- Emerson Factory Visit 30 Oct - 2 Nov Shenzhen
    Huawei & DCD Data Centre Live Container Workshop 19-20 Nov CJ1 Centre, Cyberjaya
    Visit DCs (9X)- Fuji Elect Free-Cooling 21-30 Nov Kyoto/Osaka/Tokyo
    Hwawei HCSAP-UPS Training 8-12 Dec Shenzhen
    EPI UPS NX (APL) 17-18 Dec Singapore