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    Vertiv- MY DCSP Incentive Trip at Boracay

    A "mesmerised" Boracay Island filled with fun activities


    STULZ Advanced Controller Training at Hamburg

    CRAC Unit System, troubleshoot, technical skills, knowledge and experience we gained and learned...


    Huawei- HCNP- DCF- BFDO Training at Shenzhen

    Study program- an insight knowledge of Huawei UPS Products, Design, Instruments, Installations, Communications, Basic Operation System & Troubleshooting.


    Riello- MHT/MHE/UPS Training

    Technical training and product knowledge at Riello from a know-how to debug software to troubleshoot, ramp up rectifier/ inverter voltage.
    Also to translate the error code displayed at the software to troubleshoot UPS.


    Vertiv eXM UPS First Responder Service Training

    1st level Technical and troubleshooting training at Vertiv training Centre in Singapore on EXM UPS; which
    -includes hardware as-built in position
    -disconnecting and removing removal parts for a more in-depth checking
    -viewing and identifying alarms exhibited by the EXM UPS



    DCD Data Centre Activities and Training in 2018 Date Location
    Vertiv-MY DCSP Incentive Trip 24-27 Jan Boracay
    STULZ Advanced Controller Training 26-28 Feb Hamburg
    Huawei- HCNP- DCF- BFDO Training 26-30 Mar Shenzhen
    Riello- MHT/MPT/UPS Training 17-19 July Singapore
    Vertiv eXM UPS First Responder Service Training 27-29 Nov Singapore