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    Vertiv- MY DCSP Incentive Trip at Boracay

    A "mesmerised" Boracay Island filled with fun activities


    STULZ Advanced Controller Training at Hamburg

    CRAC Unit System, troubleshoot, technical skills, knowledge and experience we gained and learned...


    Huawei- HCNP- DCF- BFDO Training at Shenzhen

    Study program- an insight knowledge of Huawei UPS Products, Design, Instruments, Installations, Communications, Basic Operation System & Troubleshooting.



    DCD Data Centre Activities and Training in 2018 Date Location
    Vertiv-MY DCSP Incentive Trip 24-27 Jan Boracay
    STULZ Advanced Controller Training 26-28 Feb Hamburg
    Huawei- HCNP- DCF- BFDO Training 26-30 Mar Shenzhen